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In Canada, pharmaceutical products, Natural Health Products and cosmetics are regulated by the Food and Drugs Act and its regulations.  SPHIR is very well connected and makes a point of being current with the latest modifications of the law and regulations even before change are being implemented.

Our personnel takes charge of all sizes projects.  You need expertise in regulatory affairs or quality assurance; we have an expert to assist you.  Temporary help or long term assistance, big or small project, we have been exposed to hundreds of situations in several companies; this is how we built our strength and experience.

We helped many companies outside of Canada to market their products in Canada ensuring their compliance with the Canadian standards.

Our success was created by the success of our clients; mouth to ears information was and still is our best publicity.  Your success may be waiting at our door.

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Marie-Claire Gauthier, Cosméceutique Nature

« Thanks to your intervention, we can now import our natural health products in total compliance with the Canadian regulation, what a ... »

Marie-Claire Gauthier, Cosméceutique Nature + info

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